Aerial Fabric is a specific form of circus arts, popularized in recent years by Cirque du Soliel and performers such as Taylor Swift & P!nk. Aerialists (as performers and students are named) climb a specially-created and specially-rigged fabric without the use of safety lines, relying on their training and skill to ensure safety. Aerialists use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their body into and out of various positions, producing an exciting display of athleticism, coordination and flexibility. Students learn skills & tricks close to the ground, allowing for close spotting by the instructor, before being allowed to perform the move or skill "flying." 

At this time, all aerial classes are restricted to students ages 14 and up. Students in this class will learn the building blocks of aerial fabric, including proper body positioning and safety maneuvers, along with poses and drops. Students will gain strength, flexibility and grace while learning this circus art and gaining new confidence in their abilities.lasses are led by instructor Molly Graves who holds Teacher Training Certifications from the New England Center for Circus Arts in Aerial Fabric and Static Trapeze. 

All participants are required to fill out, sign and return the Aerial Arts and Gymnastics Safety Waiver to the Aerial Coaches BEFORE participating in any class or workshop. Failure to sign and return a waiver would mean prevention from joining class until the waiver is signed and returned. Aerial Arts and Gymnastics Waivers are available here (PDF Reader is required): Aerial Arts and Gymnastics Waiver.